The pearls of Trentino-Alto Adige: the lakes of Tovel, Braies, and Resia

The pearls of Trentino-Alto Adige: the lakes of Tovel, Braies, and Resia

Just one visit to these fantastic places is enough to be enchanted and perhaps fall in love with them forever. Crystal-clear waters, clean air, and incredible varieties of colors, reflections, and unique landscapes; a visit is truly worth it: arm yourself with a camera and be ready to capture magical places!

 A spasso per i laghi AlpiniWalking along the path of Lake Tovel: Orange Oya Vest


In the splendid Val di Non, nestled in the Adamello/Brenta Nature Park at 1178 meters above sea level, lies this crystalline lake where the mountains are reflected in the water, creating a spectacular mirror effect. Ideal for families and outdoor picnic enthusiasts, a walk around the entire lake is possible via an easy trail and takes about an hour and a half.

Torrente Tresenica
The Tresenica stream takes its name from the legendary queen.


Nicknamed the "lake of bears" because there are some brown bears in the valley, it is also known as the "red lake" due to the phenomenon of its waters turning red. Until the summer of 1964, in fact, the lake was famous for turning red once a year! Some believe that this phenomenon was caused by algae that were once present in the lake, while others tell the legend of Queen Tresenga and her sacrifice for the freedom of her people. What do you believe?

Access is through the spectacular Val di Tovel, reachable from the village of Tuenno. Remember to book parking in advance, as it is located in a natural park, it's always advisable to check accessibility a few days beforehand!


One of the most romantic lakes in the entire Alpine region, made famous by TV shows and movies, attracts lovers, newlyweds, and nature enthusiasts in every season.

Lago di Braies

Regatta on Lake Braies, with the Croda del Becco peak in the background.

Lake Braies is located at 1496 meters above sea level and it's possible to find snow from October to late spring. Along the lake's shores, during the mild season, you can rent characteristic rowing boats (access is at a characteristic pier, the cost is €29 per hour). On its shores, there is also a splendid hotel with a fantastic view, and you can eat at a cafeteria adjacent to the parking lot.

The lake is located in Val Pusteria and can be accessed by passing through Brunico and proceeding on State Road 49 until the junction for Val di Braies, passing through the town of Monguelfo-Tesido. Here too, it is always preferable to book parking in advance.


The largest lake in Trentino-Alto Adige is an artificial reservoir and is characterized by the unmistakable bell tower that emerges, as if out of nowhere, from its waters!

campanile lago resia trentino

Detail of the bell tower of the Church of Santa Caterina

One of the favorite stops for bikers is this splendid view of the bell tower of the now submerged village of Curon Venosta! Here you can stop for a short break to rest on the terraces and steps on the shores of the lake; nearby there is a large parking area for parking and a refreshment area in case you haven't organized a picnic. For landscape photo enthusiasts, an automatic camera has been installed for a true selfie (you can download your shot via a QR code).

The lake can be reached from the Val Venosta direction towards Passo Resia; you can get there by taking the breathtaking route of the Stelvio Pass or by proceeding from Merano towards Malles Venosta and then continuing to the lake of the same name.


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