Nobile N1

A down jacket designed for harsh winter temperatures, with Italian style. A tribute to the famous condottiero.

Nobile N1 Jacket

The Nobile N1 by Svalbard Islands is a sporty jacket made with advanced materials and fabrics. The distinctive "EVS Tech – Extreme Venture Survivor Technology" fabric is water-repellent. This adventure jacket features a range of high-tech details, such as the Tecnostan® multimedia inner pocket with headphone pass-through, the 'Oblò' transparent insert with touch film for Smartwatch activation, and the 'Ballonett' rear external water-resistant pocket with ergonomic zip. It also includes two side 'TRS' – Thermo Regulation Slides zippers.

Nobile N1 tech features

The Nobile N1 EVS jacket is smart and technologically advanced, practical, versatile, and durable. It boasts numerous features and gadgets that ensure greater comfort and allow the use of all our technological devices.




















Umberto Nobile & Polarquest2018

Why Nobile N1? Do you know the history behind this flagship piece from the Svalbard Islands collections? Get ready for an adventurous journey into the past.

Umberto Nobile was an aviator, engineer, and Arctic explorer. He designed and piloted the airship Norge (N1), the first aircraft to reach the North Pole! 
On May 25, 1928, during its second return voyage from the North Pole, the airship "Italia" crashed onto the ice 120 km northeast of the Norwegian Svalbard Islands. This event triggered an unprecedented international rescue operation, which succeeded in saving eight members of the expedition, including the leader, Umberto Nobile. While the survivors managed to retain some of the equipment on board, the wreckage of the airship was never found.





Ninety years later, Paola Catapano organized the Polarquest 2018 expedition with the aim of locating the remains of the "Italia." With her and skipper Peter Gallinelli, she embarked on a diverse crew of researchers and citizens who took advantage of this Arctic expedition passing through very high latitudes, above 78°, to carry out unprecedented scientific measurements and experiments. Svalbard Islands stood by their side as a technical sponsor, protecting them from the cold and harsh weather of the Arctic climate!



Zero Waste Garment

The Nobile N1 jacket comes with a user and maintenance manual. It includes a 12-month warranty covering the water repellency of the outer shell and the Oblò, as well as the functionality of the TRS zippers. To claim the warranty, customers must visit a Svalbard Islands store with their signed and stamped warranty booklet and the original receipt. The company offers a zero waste policy, providing repair services within 4 weeks and delivering the jacket back to the store, which will then contact the customer.

Additionally, the jacket can undergo reconditioning, a service that includes an external shell water-repellent treatment, professional cleaning, and replacement of the Oblò and TRS zippers.

By reusing each kilogram of clothing, the following reductions are achieved*:

  • CO2 emissions by 3.6 kg;
  • Water consumption by 6000 liters;
  • Fertilizer use by 0.3 kg;
  • Pesticide use by 0.2 kg.