Maintenance and Warranty N1

The Nobile N1 comes with a user manual and maintenance booklet that provides a 12-month warranty for: water repellency of the outer shell and the 'Oblò', and the functioning of the Zip TRS. This warranty can be exercised online or at the point of purchase.

To exercise the warranty for your Nobile N1, you can visit your Svalbard Islands retailer with the signed and stamped warranty booklet, accompanied by the receipt.

Outside the warranty period, it will always be possible to have your Nobile N1 repaired or treated! For customers purchasing the Nobile N1, various solutions will be available online: treatment for the water repellency of the outer shell, professional garment washing, replacement of the 'Oblò', and replacement of the Zip TRS.

Reconditioning will take approximately four weeks: you will be notified once the repair is completed, and depending on the chosen method, you can pick up the garment in-store or have it delivered to your home.

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