Our Philosophy


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The philosophy of the Svalbard Islands brand is based on several pillars. For the brand named after the islands near the Arctic Circle, it is essential to evoke the spirit of adventure that pervades those territories, theaters of exploration and conquest. The garments are inspired by images of good fit, not overly technical, of great comfort, and meticulously crafted as demanded by the dictates of craftsmanship. The brand's Style Office stands out for its creativity and good taste. The ultimate goal is to present customers with clothing characterized by a perfect fit, a distinctive sign of Italian style in the world.

Sporty and urban style

Adventure isn't just about personal glory—it's about reaching for something greater. At Svalbard Islands, we journey with you through the raw elements, the untamed wilderness, and the depths of self-discovery, striving to leave a legacy of greatness behind us.

Born amidst the icy winds of Svalbard, where in 2018 the legendary PolarQuest 1928/2018 expedition unfolded, our spirit is forged in the crucible of fearless exploration. Here, brave souls dared to challenge the unknown, investigating the mysteries of climate change, the secrets of cosmic rays, and the echoes of past explorers lost in time.

From this union of daring adventure and timeless Italian design emerges a collection of sportswear and casual attire, crafted to deliver unmatched comfort and style in every epic journey!