Svalbard Islands Brand



The Svalbard Islands: A Source of Inspiration

The Svalbard Islands, after which the Svalbard Islands brand is named, are located between Norway and the Arctic Circle. It's a land of pristine and majestic nature, with 65 percent of its surface area (63,000 square kilometers) designated as protected areas. Therefore, one of the brand's strengths is its commitment to the environment. It's a contemporary brand that draws on ancient values ​​inherent to this corner of earthly paradise, immersed in complete silence. Tradition is reinterpreted in light of innovation, made possible by the constant search for trends and durable, high-tech materials. 

Svalbard Islands has in its DNA all the values ​​and principles that distinguish a harsh and magical land, that of the homonymous islands of the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. The brand, characterized by innovative research into quality materials, is inspired by the icy winter climate of the Svalbard, from which it takes its name, as well as the pristine nature and Arctic fauna. It ideally appeals to modern, metropolitan men who have in their eyes the same adventurous spirit as the explorers of the last century, terrified by the polar cold but enchanted by the icebergs and the midnight sun.