Fjords: what they are and where to see the most beautiful ones

Fjords: what they are and where to see the most beautiful ones

A sea arm that intrudes into the coast and extends for several square kilometers. Here's a brief introduction to the fjords. What they are and where they are located, we'll explain here: we're here to awaken in you the desire to see them with your own eyes and experience them firsthand. Whether it's on a boat cruise, along the train tracks, or more comfortably by car.

A thrill of nature: Sognefjord and how to reach it

You can't mention Norway without mentioning fjords. What they are and why seeing them is truly clear even without words, just one photo is enough. The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest in the region: it stretches from the coast north of Bergen to the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen National Park. The most impressive, and deepest, stretch, called Nærøyfjorden, has recently become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Getting there is quite easy both independently and with guided tours. The beauty of this area is further enhanced by small villages scattered along the shores and numerous hiking trails that end both in the mountains and on the glaciers.

Seven is a lucky number: as the Seven Sisters Waterfall

Seven are the musical notes, but also the colors of the rainbow. But what makes this number even more magical are the Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Norway. If you were wondering what makes fjords so special, you probably haven't seen this wonder of nature. It is an impressive water jet divided into seven jets on the rock. If you arrive here with the sun, you will be dazzled by a chromatic dispersion that seems to make everything around shine. We're sure you'll fall in love with it, but we also want you to stay dry. That's why we recommend venturing into these worlds with our Nobile N1 jacket, which will protect you from water splashes and icy gusts of wind.

A boat trip along Trollfjord

If you are passionate about fishing, it is impossible not to be seized by the desire to venture along Trollfjord, a breathtaking fjord steep and narrow that narrows to 100 meters wide. Trollfjord has also been nicknamed the "Hawaii of the Lofoten" because of its emerald green fauna diversity surrounded by massive gray mountains and looming peaks dotted along the coast by beautiful sandy beaches. Here you can come face to face with a wide variety of seabirds, seals, and whales.

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