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Fiber Protect - Water Repellent Spray

Fiber Protect - Water Repellent Spray

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Improve the water resistance of any leather or fabric object with the Svalbard Islands spray. Each bottle contains approximately 180 ml and is sufficient for 3 applications.


Fiber Protect's natural active ingredient based on glass' particles is ideal for protecting fabrics (artificial and natural) and leather in a practical and ecological way. Thanks to the practical aluminum bottle its application is easy and it protects against dirt, water and UV ray. Furthermore, its composition does not compromise the natural transpiration of the fabrics.

Technical features

Ideal for renewing the protective layer of shoes and clothing. Its natural composition without fluorides complies with the new 2020 EU regulations. The absence of fluorides prevents their dispersion in the environment.

Application Method

Before application, ensure that the surface temperature is between +15°C and +30°C.

  1. Gently mix the product before use.
  2. Perform a small test application on a hidden area to check for any staining.
  3. For the initial application, spray the product generously and evenly with the vaporizer over the entire surface until it is completely wet and saturated. If necessary, smooth out with a flat-bristle brush.
  4. Once the surface is dry, repeat the application as described in the previous step. Pay special attention to sensitive areas (curves, seams, raised details, etc.).
  5. Allow the product to sit for 24 hours at a temperature of +20°C or higher to ensure complete curing.
  6. Reapply the treatment after any exposure to abrasive agents (detergents, cleaners, prolonged rubbing, acid rain, etc.).


Water and Silix

The active ingredient "Fibre Protect" is ideal for natural fabrics, artificial fabrics, leather, suede, and synthetic fabrics (we recommend applying three layers of the product for synthetic fibers). It is easy to apply and provides protection against water and dirt, while also enhancing the protection of garments from UV rays (which are responsible for fading and fiber deterioration). The Fibre Protect product by Svalbard Islands does not compromise the original breathability of the fabrics on which it is applied.

Safety Instructions

Based on the recommendations of the German Institute for Accident Prevention, we advise wearing protective clothing when handling hazardous products. In case of skin contact, rinse immediately. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes or mucous membranes, rinse immediately with water. If symptoms appear, seek medical treatment. Keep out of reach of children!



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