The Northern Lights - Svalbard Islands

The Northern Lights - Svalbard Islands

This season unveils the mystique of the magic Northern Lights where the sun dances on the waves, the landscape turns golden and eyes are bright with nature. Embark on a nomadic journey with timeless silhouettes, considered details and vibrant tones that invoke great adventures.

We were fortunate to visit this magnificent place made of water, lights, and frozen lands. Protected by our Svalbard Islands jackets, we faced the cold and damp climate of the Faroe Islands, a small Danish archipelago north of Scotland. The beauty of these lands captivated us and provided an extraordinary backdrop for the presentation of our new winter collection!

Embark on a journey to the Faroe Islands north of Scotland, amidst timeless shadows, intricate details, and vibrant tones that evoke grand adventures









Winter exploration jacket: Spits N1; Organic padding, Recycled Fabric.
Location: Faroe Islands.


  Backstage shooting: Nobile N1 Jacket





                       Nobile N1: Persimmon Orange



Nobile N1: Grey








 Frammi á Trøð, Faroe Islands, Danimarca






 Frammi á Trøð, Faroe Islands



Sunset at Faroe Islands


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