Amidst the mountains of Livigno, a special episode of "Melaverde" (one of the most important environment and educational TV show in Italy) aired, featuring the Nobile N1 jacket worn by host Vincenzo Venuto during all his adventures.

A Special Episode!

It was a day full of fun, sports, and discovery of the various facets of this extraordinary place on the border with Switzerland. This is what was broadcast on the program dedicated to culture, environment, and traditions, hosted by Hellen Hidding and Vincenzo Venuto. An afternoon filled with emotions and unique landscapes, aired on one of Italy's most important national networks; Vincenzo's exploration of the alpine fauna and Hellen's adventure inside an ice restaurant where she enjoyed local products in a truly enchanting atmosphere made the episode particularly captivating!

Svalbard Islands Always Present!

We are proud to have collaborated with "Melaverde," providing our Nobile N1 jacket in Orange Persimmon to accompany host Vincenzo Venuto in his explorations, even at high altitudes like those in Livigno. The technical performance of the Nobile ensured comfort and high resistance to even the lowest temperatures for the presenter

 Nobile N1  jacket on Vincenzo Venuto

If you want to have a look at the show:




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