Montisola: Europe's Largest Lake Island

Montisola: Europe's Largest Lake Island

Monte Isola is the largest lake island in Europe, situated in the center of Lake Iseo. This green area is a gem for anyone looking to spend a day surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, family-friendly trekking, and a relaxing swim in the lake.

But how do you get there? And more importantly, what is there to see on this unique island?


As mentioned, Lake Iseo frames this splendid place in the province of Brescia. To reach the island, you need to take a ferry from the towns of Sulzano, Sale Marasino, Iseo, Lovere, Sarnico, or Tavernola. The shortest route is from Sulzano, but if you want to enjoy the lake as well, the other routes will suit you! It's not possible to ferry vehicles other than bicycles, so it's best to park in the parking lots provided by the departure locations.

Arrived! But... what now?

Monte Isola is divided into two areas: south and north. The southern part is the most touristy, where you can walk to Rocca Martinengo and the Sanctuary of Madonna della Ceriola, stroll along the lakeshore, enjoy the most populous inhabited center on the island, or take a great swim. For those who prefer tranquility, we recommend visiting the northern area. Less touristy and populated, it allows you to fully experience the spirit of Montisola in all its facets. Additionally, you can enjoy the splendid view of Isola di San Paolo, privately owned but a fundamental stop on the Floating Piers by the artist Christo.


Internationally renowned artist Christo and Jeanne-Claude specifically chose this corner of paradise to position one of the most successful installations of their career. A temporary floating walkway in bright yellow, which from June 18 to July 3, 2016, connected Montisola, Sulzano, and Isola di San Paolo, allowing tourists and locals to walk at water level in the middle of the lake. A unique and unrepeatable event that allowed the whole world to discover and enjoy this lake jewel, now ranked as the third best European destination of 2019.

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