5 ideas for an adventurous weekend in Italy

5 ideas for an adventurous weekend in Italy

Tired of the same old barbecues? Are you the adventurous type who loves to experience new thrills? In this article, we'll give you some ideas for an alternative Ferragosto full of fun with family, as a couple, or solo!


A special activity to enjoy even with your family is rafting. Practiced at different difficulty levels, this sport involves descending through rapids on a raft; with the right gear and relying on professionals, your Ferragosto will be unforgettable! From Calabria to Lombardy, there are several places in Italy where you can find perfect streams for a day of rafting!



Have you ever experienced the thrill of gliding through the air like an eagle, supported only by a steel cable? Zipline or cable car is a favorite activity for those who love or would like to experience the sensation of free flight; a cable stretched between two different points that uses gravity to provide unique thrills! If this is what you're looking for this Ferragosto, know that in Italy, in Rocca Massima in Lazio, there's the longest Zipline in the world... a whopping 2,225 meters long!


For the most daring, Bungee Jumping is a sport that involves leaping into the void from a high place (like a bridge or a dam) after being harnessed with an elastic cord. Not suitable for everyone, this activity can be practiced in many places in Italy and around the world. Especially in risky activities like these, it's important to rely on professionals to enjoy the jump safely and calmly!


Free Climbing, or Rock Climbing, can be defined as the ascent of an obstacle, whether it's a natural rock face, a boulder, an artificial wall, or any urban structure. Practiced in groups or alone, this activity can be done outdoors or in an equipped gym.


Here's an activity for those near the sea or a lake! Between sky and sea, parasailing combines the adrenaline of flying with the pleasant sensation of partially descending into the water. You don't need to know how to swim because you're lifted from the stern of the boat and land back on it. Additionally, you always wear a life jacket in case of unforeseen events.


lying like an eagle or challenging the rapids; all these adventurous activities will give you unique emotions and a special day with your family or alone. Svalbard Islands, with its garments, dresses those who, like you, will never stop exploring the world!

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